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Chilika Lake

chilika lake

The glorious stretch of the Chilika Lake is not only Odisha but also Asia’s largest brackish water lake, spread over an area of 1100 square kilometers. It links to the Bay of Bengal. It has the richest variety of aquatic brute creations and a real paradise for Bird. One can view the dolphins at Chilika mouth near Satapada 48 k.m. from Puri. Boating and fishing facilities free in this lake. For crushing and visiting the Kalijai Island & another Island one can make use of the motor launch from Balugaon.

Satapada Village, Chilika Lake

We left Satpada by boat to see the dolphins. Each boat has eight to ten passengers. Before boarding the boat, the authorities taught everyone life jackets. The tourism authorities have helped to get the boat out of line one by one in a very nice way. The village of Satapada, from where the saltwater or lake begins. The environment here is very beautiful, I felt the light air as it is a lake inhabited area. There are a few small food hotels and lodges to stay.
If you wish, you can visit the lake in a good way from the lodge for a few days.

I think it must take at least a week to visit the entire lake. Especially good for honeymoon tours. But of course, 7 days is a lot less time to understand the environment and its behavior in a very good way. Almost all the vehicles from Puri or Bhubaneswar come and stop at Satapada village. The environment and income of this village depend entirely on the sea and the lake. Most of the people living on the banks depend on Chikla Lake for their livelihood.

After putting on my life jacket, I went and sat in the engine-driven boat. The boat is moving with a medium ear sound. I am feeling light cold air a little further. It’s nice to see a variety of guest birds flying by. It seems that some news is coming again and again. The guest bird and some of its own private messages. Be good guest birds.

chilika lake

Why Chilika Lake is Famous?

It is famous for its Dolphins, Guest Birds, Saltwater, Marine Fish, Red Crabs, Snails, and its hostile environment. Chilika Lake is the largest and only dolphin lake in Asia.

What is special about  Chilika Lake?

It is especially famous for its Dolphins, many small and large Islands, and its Environment. Moreover, Saltwater Fish, Snails, and Red Crabs are special for travel lovers.

Is Chilka a freshwater lake?

No. It is a saltwater lake. This lake is connected to the Bay of Bengal so it is a saltwater lake. Marine fish, crabs, and snails are always found in this lake.

Why is Chilka lake called a lagoon?

Chilika Lake is a large body of water, separated from the Bay of Bengal. It covers an area of 1100 sq km with Puri, Ganjam, and Khudra towns. At the connected with the Bay of Bengal, and it is a large shaky lake. So it is call Lagoon.

Chilika Lake

Explore Chilika Lake From Puri

You can reserve a car from Puri or Bhubaneswar to visit Chilika Lake. You can save tickets for the bus journey from the hotel manager or any of the tourist counters in Puri or Bhubaneswar. The time of departure of the bus is 8 am. However, it is also important to reserve the bus seat on time.  The tourist buses are operated as per the instructions of the Odisha Government. Almost all the cars leave at one-hour intervals. Departing from Puri Bus Terminus, first Chandrabhaga Beach, then Kunark Sun Temple, Lingaraj Temple, Alaranath Temple, and Chilika Lake. On the way back to Puri Uday Giri caves, Khanda Giri caves, and at the end of all Nandan Kanan Zoological Park then Puri. However, if you travel by tourist bus, you will find very little time in every destination. Travel to destinations of your choice with the best reserve car.

Tourist buses run four days a week. So it is better to collect tickets in advance. If you need to buy a ticket in advance, you can collect the ticket by contacting the number mentioned on the home page. Or you can talk for a trip to Puri, Bhubaneswar and Chilika Lake.


It takes about an hour by boat from Satpada to enter the Dolphin Area. Chilika Lake is the largest saltwater lake in Asia where dolphins live. About a thousand people visit Chilika Lake every day to see the dolphin habitat and live dolphin play. The environment of the lake is sometimes good and sometimes very bad. Due to its connection with the Bay of Bengal, the environment of Chilika Lake depends solely on the situation in the Bay of Bengal.

Lake dolphins roam together in their own mood. Sometimes from twenty to fifty play together. A pleasant atmosphere is created when visitors enter the Dolphin Area from Satapada. It feels awesome when dolphins jump and delight visitors.

I couldn’t take pictures even after trying a lot. Because there is no way to understand when and where it is rising from the water and sinking deeper into the water again. I have seen it only once or twice. I heard that more dolphins are not seen now than before. The lives and livelihoods of millions of people depend on this lake. I have heard from them that besides dolphins, many species of fish, crabs, and snails can be found in Chilika Lake. Which gives great pleasure to the visitors. If you want to take pictures of dolphins and guess the environment of the lake, you must stay here for several days. There are lodges and small 8/10 food hotels to stay in Satapada. It is better to come and visit Chilika Lake with time as required.

Chilka Lake

Some people call this lake Chilka or Lagoon. Talking to the boat driver on the lake, I came to know that the people on the four sides of the lake or many outsiders also called this lake Chilka Lake. There are three districts on three sides of Chilka Lake and the Bay of Bengal on the other side. People on all four sides of the lake live in a hostile environment. There are three districts on three sides of Chilka Lake and the Bay of Bengal on the other side. People on all four sides of the lake live in a hostile environment. 80% of the people on the shores make a living by fishing in the lake.

There are three districts on three sides of Chilka Lake and the Bay of Bengal on the other side. People on all four sides of the lake live in a hostile environment. 80% of the people on the shores make a living by fishing in the lake.
Many people around the world also hypnotize Chilka Lake as a lagoon. With a large area (1100 acres) and a connection with the Bay of Bengal on one side, Chilika also enchanted Lake as a lagoon. The environment of Chilka Lake and dolphins are a unique blessing of Greater India.

Friends, today in this article I focused more on the environment of Chilika Lake, sea animals dolphins, and how to travel from Puri to Chilika Lake. According to my travel information, I have mentioned it in detail and not to mention it. I have tried to share with you a 100% transparent travel experience.

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